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New World!

If you feel as though you are experiencing pressure as you never have before, do not fret! It is the pressure which will inspire you to create a new world, different from the one that has just been harvested. Do not be afraid to use the gifts within you. These gifts are waiting for youContinue reading “New World!”

Unify To Govern

Thankfully, I am back at the ‘drawing table’ asking myself what is most important? Universe, is most important! Since Unity is a root word of Universe, then Universe is a good foundational start. I will bring ‘self ‘ in balance with Universe, unify with Universe! This will establish what this entity’s (self) foundation should BE,Continue reading “Unify To Govern”


In the muck of chrysalis life, the Pupa is vulnerable and could die in the process of moving towards its transition. Fighting against the process of change could cause the Pupa to emit signals that could draw predators toward it, causing the process of transitioning to a Butterfly, to become very difficult to non-existent. PupaContinue reading “BUTTERFLY”

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